• Red/Yellow/Green leaves update daily, not on each visit.
  • Corrections of which articles are shown.
  • Better summaries

Red/Yellow/Green leaves update daily, not on each visit

The leaves were set up to update (change from green to yellow, or yellow to red) every time you visited the site. I thought this was reasonable, in that the site updates once a day, so I figured that a once-daily visit was probably what would happen.

However, I realized that sometimes I want to go back to find an article… and this made the colors cycle, and confused me.

So now they update based on the actual load of new data; so, when a new article comes in, it’s shown with a green leaf until the next load on the following day, no matter how many times you reload the page.

Corrections of which articles are shown

You might have noticed some articles “stuck” at the top of the list; I wasn’t keeping track of them properly.

Now the site should reflect what’s actually posted on the Pinboard.in page today.

Better summaries

Each post has a summary, that, hopefully, gives you a bit of an idea of what to expect for the post. I had put together a fairly good algorithm to do this, but it wasn’t fantastic, and there are just eighteen grillion special cases to take into account.

Luckily, the nice folks at Readability set up an API to use their service. It does a much better job.

Thanks guys!